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March 11, 2022
This is my view of the current global situation, also mentioned on my Twitter page.
Around 1900 CE as part of the Industrial Revolution, there was a wave of globalization, including the worldwide search for natural resources and markets for their products by all leading participants.
This was soon followed by a wave of protection, resulting from the fact that industrial newcomers were increasingly challenging the pioneers. In the subsequent two world wars it was decided who would become the future dominant industrial powers for the coming decades.
While since 1945 CE more newcomers began to engage in industrial production all around the world, the current Information Revolution, starting in the 1960s CE, similarly first led to a wave of globalization, to be followed by protection because information technology newcomers were increasingly challenging the pioneers.
Today, the global competition for natural resources, many of them dwindling, keeps going relentlessly, while human numbers and expectations have grown enormously. All of this is currently leading us into a third world war.
This war started with the emergence of global cyber attacks in the 1990s CE, and is now followed by a global economic war. The next violent phase, if it cannot be prevented, will be extremely violent and destructive.
Especially if nuclear weapons are going to be used on a large scale, this will produce a global devastation that none of us would like to experience. It is therefore imperative that all of us, especially our leaders, realize this full well.
All of us must make the largest possible effort to avoid this catastrophe by settling all our conflicts peacefully, with mutual respect and understanding, now and in the future, with the aim to preserve human life on Earth, for ourselves and for our future generations.
In doing so, we must keep our eyes on this ball, this beautiful but limited globe, our one and only home in the cosmos.

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