Big history videos

The following big history videos may be of interest:
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David Christian's TED talk 2011
(18 min)
Bill Gates on big history
(3 min)
Fred Spier, Villanova University,
2011 (1h 24 min)
Fred Spier, GF 2045 conference,
Moscow, 2012 (28 min)
Fred Spier, Dominican University
of California, 2012 (1h 36 min)
Fred Spier, final keynote:
'The Future of Big History,'
IBHA conference 2014
(43 min, movie by Louis Spier)
David Christian, 2015,
World Economic Forum, Davos (16 min)
International Big History Association
Un. of Amsterdam big history
Cosmic Evolution
Big History Project
Book: Teaching Big History
Bill Bryson: Short History of Nearly Everything
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